Programmer’s Notepad 2 0.9.853 Released

I’m happy to announce a new testing release, 0.9.853.

  1. Create file backups when saving (option)
  2. Various look and feel improvements
  3. Extension configuration now stored in user settings directory, meaning this works on Vista without an admin prompt
  4. You can now choose to poll for updates of testing releases
  5. Uncomment now works for multiple line-comment lines at once
  6. New keyboard shortcuts for line comments
  7. Added a new Turbo preset to help indulge your Turbo Pascal nostalgia
  8. Improved the ZenBurn preset
  9. Default scheme font on Vista is now Consolas, still Lucida Console on XP and below
  10. Allow opening workspace files
  11. Restore editor windows when jumping to a line or tag
  12. Improved regular expressions support
  13. Works on Win2k again
  14. Don’t hold directories open after selecting files
  15. Support explorer context menus in Browser, Open Files and Projects items
  16. Added Mark All (again!)
  17. Find in all Project Files
  18. Find across all open files


There is also a new PyPN release supporting Python 2.6 as well as 2.5 and 2.4:

This release wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent contributions (patches and documentation), testing, bug reports and feature suggestions made by users – thank you!

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