New Stable Release

There have been no show-stopping issues found in so I’m very happy to finally declare a new stable release. There will probably be an update for this build at some point in the near future to fix a couple of minor issues and also to test the auto-update system for stable release users.

If you’ve been holding off from testing releases, now is a great time to download the new stable release!

Thanks to all the testers, forum users, bug reporters and patch submitters for making 2.0.10 a great release. If you’re still using 2.0.8 here are some of the highlights:

  1. Vastly improved regular expressions support
  2. Explorer view
  3. Open files view
  4. Vista-behaviour improvements
  5. Win7 Support
  6. API file autocomplete
  7. SDK for building extensions
  8. Style presets
  9. Macro/Script recording with PyPN
  10. Smart Highlight to show all instances of selected word
  11. Loads of bug fixes, and a bunch more new features

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