Programmer’s Notepad 2.1.2 Released

A new testing release, version 2.1.2, has been released to Google Code. The major new feature in this release is Code Template Fields, but there have been a lot of other changes too:

  • Code Template Fields
  • Cleaner visual style for the document tabs
  • Added line padding options, allows more whitespace between lines
  • Switch to Scintilla’s built-in line length measurement
  • Removed some 3D styling bits to clean up the look of the editor, more to do.
  • New tab text changed from to Untitled
  • -z parameter now assumes a single file after the -z, designed for notepad replacement.
  • Updated to latest Scintilla bits for some multi-caret fixes
  • Fixed a couple of regular expression issues.
  • Fix tools options tab titles.
  • Made SmartHighlight more visible, less alpha blending

In case you haven’t used a 2.1 build yet, here are the other headline features in the testing builds:

  1. Full Unicode Support
  2. Support for Translations – PN in your language
  3. Prototype Command Bar feature (with PyPN)
  4. Multiple simultaneous selections, including typing into block selections
  5. Virtual space


Download 2.1.2 Installer
Download 2.1.2 Multi-language Installer
Download 2.1.2 Portable

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