Programmer’s Notepad 2.1.3 Released

A new testing release, version 2.1.3, has been released to Google Code. This release fixes a bunch of bugs, but more importantly contains a complete rewrite of the Text Clips UI and Management/Editing features.

Changes in 2.1.3:

  1. Complete re-write of text clips view and clips management system
  2. End clip entry on final empty field (experimental)
  3. Smart highlight range now limited to field of view +/- 200 lines, improves speed and usability with large files.
  4. Translations now fed directly from user translation project at
  5. Switch to boost 1.42


Download 2.1.3 Installer
Download 2.1.3 Portable
Download 2.1.3 Multi-Language

Thanks to all those who test these builds and provide feedback via the forums or bugs, I hope you’re enjoying the 2.1 releases!

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