Programmer’s Notepad 2.3 Released

I’m happy to announce a new stable release, Programmer’s Notepad 2.3, has been released! This release has focused on cleaning up many areas of 2.2 that were buggy or incomplete, and so doesn’t many large new features. Instead look for small improvements all over the place.

Headline Changes in 2.3:

  1. Jump dialog now filters results as you type.
  2. Custom scheme is now implemented as a PN extension, and adds extra identifier block comment types
  3. Double-click on tab bar (not on tab) starts a new doc.
  4. Miscellaneous updates to schemes to improve highlighting (including HTML5 elements and attributes).
  5. RTF export reworked, background colours now working better.
  6. Properties scheme folding.
  7. Select a URL and right-click to go to it.
  8. New German and Russian translations.
  9. Scheme Presets: Solarized (Light), improved Obsidian, thanks to contributors.

Download 2.3 Installer
Download 2.3 Portable

You may also like to add the PyPN extension to your 2.3 install to get support for scripting/macros with Python: PyPN 1.1

Thanks to all contributors, bug filers/triagers, translators and testers for their help with this release.

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