PN2 Keyboard Shortcuts

By Simon Steele
Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Until version 2 of Programmers Notepad implements customisable keyboard shortcuts, this article will serve as simple documentation about the things you can do with the keyboard in PN2 that are not instantly obvious. Some of these key presses may never be optional (e.g. escape)


PN2 supports two types of bookmarking. The first of these is "simple" bookmarks. These are the type found in Visual Studio, where you can set as many bookmarks as you like, and one key jumps from one to the next:

To set a simple bookmark: Ctrl-F2
To jump to the next simple bookmark: F2

PN2 also supports numbered bookmarks from 0 to 9. These are set and reached by pressing a key combination followed by the number of the bookmark:

To set a numbered bookmark: Ctrl-K, x
To jump to a numbered bookmark: Ctrl-Q, x

where x is the number of the bookmark you wish to use. Bookmarks are shown in the margin of the text editor, the picture below shows both a simple bookmark and two numbered ones:

PN2 Bookmark Symbols


The Escape Key

The escape key can often be used to get you out of dialogs - it generally represents the pressing of the cancel button in these cases. The escape button can also be used to hide any output windows that are visible. So if you run a compile which shows you some output, and then you don't want to see the output window any more then just press escape until it goes away!

Window Navigation

To go to the next window, you can use either Ctrl-Tab or Ctrl-F6. These currently navigate the document list in the order preferred by Windows' MDI window manager. In the future, you will be able to choose from a couple of document navigation schemes like: Tab Order - Last Chosen Order etc. Note that you can hold down the Shift key with either of these combinations to traverse in the opposite direction.

Output Window

There are two types of output window (from 0.4 onwards). The global output window (dockable) can be toggled with F8, and individual output windows can be toggled with Shift-F8.

Close A Document

A well known keyboard shortcut, but it's included here for completeness, press Ctrl-F4 to close the current document.

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