May 11, 2002


At some point I'll release some more code for the wrapper project implementing other goodies such as find and replace which I believe almost all Scintilla users will want. I'll also be releasing a WTL window wrapper for Scintilla. At some point, I may even release an MFC one too.

I've placed a couple of articles over on the main web site, I'll be putting "request for comments" style articles and just plain "because I felt like writing it" style articles. There are two there now, one about PN development and one about the Windows Template Library. You can view them here. These articles were all written and published using the excellent CityDesk from Fog Creek software.

Also, some updates to my Scintilla Wrapper:

  • Fixed Includes
  • Re-Generated with new Scintilla interface definitions
  • Enabled inline code-generation in Python-based wrapper code generator (see Scintilla mailing list archive for details).


Posted by Simon at May 11, 2002 09:31 PM