November 07, 2002


The first entry in my "Cool Software" category, great :) I've just discovered Aggie in the last few days. I've been using FeedReader for a while, which is quite cute and got the job done (p.s. the job I'm referring to is RSS aggregation). However, the bugs got too much for me as did its spinning tray icon. I was spending too much of my day bringing up FeedReader and trying to find what was new and/or interesting.

Aggie nicely groups all of the new news together for me when I want to read it. This has actually been a great productivity boost for me. In addition, it has made me feel happier about RSS in general - I don't have to look for new news, it is just presented to me. This is made even better by the fantastic "Pixel" skin for Aggie. I'm now far happier about subscribing to loads of RSS feeds as I don't spend my time looking for ones with new news.

Now, if I was going to suggest improvements for Aggie - these would be mine:

1. Make more of the GUI, allow an internal view of the generated HTML.
2. Then, have a list down the left with "New News" at the top, and each feed down the side. The feeds when selected would show their recent posts. See below for why.
3. A search.

Sometimes, I'll have read an item and the next time I load Aggie it's gone. This is right and good (in some ways) - it is old news. However, I'd like some way of getting back to it.

Sean is working on a browser-based version of Aggie. It looks nice but I've had problems actually using it. Once these are sorted, it could be quite cool.

Posted by Simon at November 7, 2002 10:07 PM