February 05, 2003

NAnt tasks

I've been playing with C# and began development of some of the tasks for NAnt that I was hankering after. I now have a simple CVS task which can checkout and update, an Inno Setup task, and a clever task for updating VERSIONINFO blocks in resource files. All of these can be found (with source) here:


(which is part of my new web-site:


Soon I hope to move this to a proper host instead of using a nasty frames hack.)

These tasks have enabled me to create a short, simple build file which checks out pn2 from CVS, builds the code and builds an installer. Cool! I plan to get this to do nightly builds soon. I will be updating these tasks as time goes on, and would like to implement all of the necessary functionality in the CVS task.

Posted by Simon at February 5, 2003 11:14 PM