February 17, 2003

MT 2.62

I've just upgraded this weblog to use MT 2.62, and have taken a few moments along the way to play with some features, and make the blog better.

Firstly, I changed the comments system to never display a user's email address. This way, they can't be harvested for spam. An email address is still required to post, though - to prevent abuse.

Next, I installed the MT-Textile plugin to do clever text formatting. And if it works, then theoretically:

Textile is a ‘Humane Web Text Generator,’ created by Dean Allen of Textism. After seeing Textile in action, I decided that I must create a Movable Type plugin that does the same thing. - Brad Choate

That should be a block quote. Yes? No?

Also, I've played with trackback a bit to learn what it's about. This post will be the first that I've ever used to send a trackback ping. Quite clever stuff.

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DATE: 03/18/2003 01:31:49 AM

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