February 17, 2003


The next release of Programmers Notepad 2 will be version 2.0.3 (nick-named coltrane). This version has taken quite a lot of development and is a features version. This means that the focus for the release is on adding new features, and not on producing a shiptight release. That's not to say that standards have slipped, but the code in there is exciting and new - and may have bugs.

The main new feature is the addition of Tools support (as seen in version 1). This basically allows you to run external programs from PN and also (if you want) to capture their output. You can't yet click on line and column references to jump to the relevant place, but this will come eventually (not in coltrane).

Coltrane is now in the pre-release testing phase, and little new code is likely to be added. The release will be vaguely exciting because the entire update version numbers / build / make installer process will be handled by a NAnt build script for the first time. This should be quite something to watch, and should save me lots of effort!

I should also mention that coltrane does include lots of bug fixes and a few feature requests have been implemented. I will post a full list of changes when I release it.

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