April 24, 2003

PN 2 0.3a released

I've just released an updated build of 0.3-coltrane to sourceforge, below is a rough copy of the announcement e-mail that went out:

There are two major version-lines of Programmers Notepad:
Version 1 : stable version.
Version 2 : pn-devel - a new version in development.

This announcement relates to version 2 (pn-devel). If you are only interested in stable versions of Programmers Notepad then you should ignore this announcement. This software should be considered "alpha" quality - expect bugs, and if you find them then report them!

Programmers Notepad 2 0.3a has been released to sourceforge, it can be downloaded here:


Why: This is an interim bug-fix release which brings compatibility with Windows NT 4. There is one other fix in the release relating to the functionality that checks if a file has been modified outside of PN.

The next scheduled release of PN2 is due in May (next month).

Posted by Simon at April 24, 2003 10:21 PM