May 15, 2003



I have been using InnoCVS for a while because I find WinCVS unusable for CVS use - far too much program for a simple task, and yet the simplest of tasks in it are over-complicated. I really like the fact that InnoCVS doesn't get in your way.

However, I have just downloaded and installed TortoiseCVS after seeing so many recommendations and I'm gobsmacked - I really do think this is how CVS should be for windows users. TortoiseCVS integrates into Explorer providing CVS in all the useful places - context menus for CVS folders and files, and simple checkout items in the main file menu. The range of functions provided are spectacular and finally I've found a client that makes setting up CVS write access with sourceforge more simple than it previously has been - it comes bundled with PuTTY for SSH.

What's more, I think they prove quite nicely that you can produce quality GUIs using the cross-platform wxWindows framework. They haven't used it for its cross-platform nature, but simply because they don't like MFC - also why I chose WTL for PN2. They have the added advantage that their product can theoretically be built with GCC outside of MS Visual Studio.

My first experience hasn't been flawless - I have seen it hang while updating once but I am using the beta version so it's unfair to use that to comment on the stability of the product. If you use CVS and use Windows, give TortoiseCVS a try.

Posted by Simon at May 15, 2003 11:05 PM