July 03, 2003

Mono Error Parsing

PN2 does not have built-in support for parsing mono errors, but user-specified error parsing is perfectly capable of doing it. I have the mono compiler set up as a tool like this:

Command: mcs.exe
Folder: %d
Parameters: %d\%f

x Save all before running this tool

x Capture output
Use the main output window

o Look for a custom pattern:
Pattern: %f\(%l\)

This matches a filename immediately followed by a line number surrounded by brackets. My use of this highlighted an interesting situation. Mono 0.25 seems to output double slashes in the error messages:

C:\Projects\monotest\\clhelloworld.cs(13) error CS8025: : Parsing error

This causes PN2 to think it's opening a different file to the one already open. I guess I might have to include path fixing logic to ensure that paths are syntactically sound.

Posted by Simon at July 3, 2003 10:58 AM