August 08, 2003

EMI and Virgin - your loss.

As a continuation of the series: Money that EMI have lost because of copy protected CDs, I'd just like to point out that I have no use for Radiohead's Hail To The Thief album, because of the copy protection. I cannot listen to this album on my audio equipment (iPod), so EMI lose whatever proportion of 12.99 they would have received. Bad luck. Also, Virgin records have lost two sales of Turin Brakes' Ether Song - Me and John both will not buy this album because of copy protection.

So let's see. One person will successfully extract the data from one of these copy protected CDs and will create MP3s from it (there are a number of ways I can imagine doing this without losing quality - digital input on a soundcard anyone?). Then that person will share that music using Kazaa. Then everyone will download it (ok, that's missing a few steps but we get there in the end). Unfortunately for EMI (or Virgin et al) the same people who would always have stolen the music do so, but they also lose a number of their paying customers who refuse to buy copy protected CDs that are of no use to them.

My prediction is that CD sales will fall, but that this fall will be blamed on people copying music, and those of us who are unable to use the music and are therefore not buying it will be ignored. Lets hope some of the small

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Don't buy these albums, and write to their record labels expressing your disgust.

Posted by Simon at August 8, 2003 03:40 PM