August 11, 2003

Disable spell check for one style in MS Word.

This is possibly the coolest feature I've discovered in Word in years. I've been writing a lot of technical specs recently, and most of them have a number of XML snippets in them. It's always really annoying to see red and green wiggly underlines all over the document when I'm trying to read it, and I thought to myself: "wouldn't it be cool if you could disable spell-checking for one style". And low and behold, I found an option to do that. Go into Modify Style for the relevant style, select "Language" from the Format drop-down box, and click "Do not check spelling or grammar". You need to re-load the document for it to take effect. This works in Word 2002, I don't know about previous versions.

Posted by Simon at August 11, 2003 03:34 PM

MS Word 2000 also provides this option. Do the following:
- Go to menu Format -> Style...
- Select the style to modify and select 'Modify...'
- Select Format -> 'Language...'
- Check 'Do not check spelling or grammar'

Posted by NBrooks at Aug 21, 2003 8:53 AM