September 24, 2003

New web site

I've revamped the web site for Programmers Notepad completely, mainly to include information about PN2, but also to move to a much cleaner implementation. The old website was mostly built with classic HTML - font tags and all. The new web site is all designed using style sheets. It's not "beautiful", but it's an improvement. The best thing is that now it's done with stylesheets the design can be changed much more easily - anyone got any ideas?!

I also replaced all e-mail links with a javascript workaround - not pretty but it will help to reduce my spam load a bit. Most that I get is from addresses on that website. I had started doing this before but it's almost complete now.

The web site is 90% complete. The FAQ is missing and will be re-added, and the list of new articles on the front page is not there yet - I need to wire that back up with CityDesk.

Let me know what you think!

Posted by Simon at September 24, 2003 11:35 AM