November 20, 2003

Updated Roadmap

I've updated the PN2 roadmap document. The roadmap now covers three versions after the one currently being developed. As per usual, nothing's set in stone.

The 0.5 release is getting really close now with only a few small featurettes to be finished, and a bit more testing to be done. I'm working my way through the bug list fixing those that are sensible for this time-scale.

All these things are being discussed on the mailing list, and you can get your hands on interim builds there too.

Posted by Simon at November 20, 2003 03:17 PM

This roadmap seems very good... I especially like that you plan to make separate builds later on.

A couple of weeks earlier than I got hold of your first WTL version, I was trying to code a similar editor. I had already done one WTL program but still I knew an editor would require lots of work. I didn't progress as well as you so I gave up and have used PN2 since then. I guess I'm saying I'm impressed and good luck with the further development!

Posted by Björn at Nov 22, 2003 3:00 PM