January 17, 2004

VS.NET Useful WTL Macros

Programmers Notepad 2 is developed using the Windows Template Library which is a library of code that makes working with Windows easier (amongst other things). WTL supports message maps which MFC users will also be aware of - basically a block of macros that direct incoming window messages to multiple handler functions. Working with message maps in WTL can be a bit of a bind as there is less good IDE support and I don't use the message-specific crackers in PN2. Therefore, I use a couple of macros to fill out notification, command and message handler prototypes for me:

Get: WTLMacros.vb which uses CleverStuff.vb to manage Undo state.

I hope someone else finds these macros useful. To try one out, simply type something like:


and then run the MessageHandler macro (if the code is not all in one file, run the MessageHandlerDefinition macro in the header, and the MessageHandler macro in the source file).

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