January 23, 2004


I've been drafted to a different team at work for a couple of weeks to help crank some code for a library due at the end of January. Unfortunately I have to use Java which I'm not the biggest fan of. Previously I've hated any Java IDE I've had to use and have found the whole process less than enjoyable.

Eclipse has come a long way since I last looked at it and is actually really quite usable. I will miss a lot of the coding aids when I go back to C# in VS.NET.

If you're programming Java then eclipse is recommended.

I have also been using the XmlBuddy plug-in which is really quite good too: XmlBuddy. I'd love to implement some of the XML editing features from XmlBuddy in PN some day.

Posted by Simon at January 23, 2004 03:21 PM