January 23, 2004


In another of my surprise discovery moments while writing Java code, I found that there are at least two Java IDEs that don't suck. Gel, from GExperts, is a free Java IDE developed using a non-java language (Delphi, I think). This IDE was an absolute pleasure to work with compared to others I've tried. It doesn't have most of the refactoring cleverness of Eclipse or the enormous number of features but it does what it does well, and in a small memory footprint.

The author of Gel is Gerald Nunn. Gerald originally developed the GExperts plug-ins for Delphi which added lots of incredibly useful functionality to the IDE. Gerald is also the author of the original Programmers Notepad project before I took it over when he lost interest. He is clearly a source of great software!

Highly recommended for windows Java programmers: Gel.

Posted by Simon at January 23, 2004 03:25 PM