April 02, 2004

Glastonbury Ticket Sales on the Internet - Wrong

So I'm sat at my PC where I've been since 7.45pm. It's now 9:30pm. I've not done anything but attempt to get onto the Glastonbury Tickets website.

Some quotes from those waiting:

someone should get strung up for this fiacso
i think glasto needs an it director
can u all not buy tickets for a while to free u the site please?
The whole selling on the internet and phone thing is what pi**ed up the tickets last year.
its the worst system for buying tickets i have ever seen - bring back bristol ticket shop

lets just jump the fence
Smiffy says: big fence to jump
easier than this

Wondering now if we could all pool our money together and get an A-Team style van to ram the fence with.

10:30pm - Formage!
Finally got the form up to fill in. No luck submitting it, obviously.

Form submits - not enough tickets. Only that's not true. They're lying. There are definitely tickets left, they say so on the radio. Only that's the only message I can get.

Finally, I get my tickets. Most of my friends are still trying. This is the most abominable web effort I've ever seen. They can't seriously claim that they didn't expect these levels of demand after the fiasco last year. Rubbish.

When the tickets were for sale in shops, I had about a month (IIRC) to go to the shop and order tickets. It was all much easier then.

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