April 26, 2004

Development build of Ella (

Members of the discussion mailing list will know that I occasionally release updated builds of PN2 to allow users to play with new features and try the software out on the way to a milestone. I've been doing this again recently on the road to Ella (the next milestone) and I thought non-list-members might like to give this build a try. For a list of changes, view this full blog entry.

I'd particularly appreciate people trying out the drag-and-drop stuff in the projects window. There's a lot of new, complicated code there so give me your feedback! The most exciting feature, for me, is "jump to..." on the Edit menu. This provides language independent jumping in code, which is the fastest code navigation method that I've ever used. I've wanted this feature in my text editor since when I used GExperts for Delphi, and now PN has it. The feature is supported by exuberant ctags so supports all languages that ctags does, but there is a plugin architecture so that other languages can be added. I'll be documenting this interface in the future.

Also, what do you think of the GUI changes (options dialog mostly) made by Bjoern Graf? If you like, or don't like - then let him know via the discussion list! I'm sure he'd appreciate some feedback other than mine.

What are the things you miss most in the current builds, speak up and you might be in time for the next release!

Download the new build here:


Please do report bugs that you find in this release, although preferably to the discussion list rather than in the bug tracker as it's not a proper release.



What's new?

  1. Jump to (Alt-G)
  2. Document Properties Window (hit alt-enter).
  3. Editor Defaults options page.
  4. Default word-wrap option.
  5. Most Recently Used Projects menu.
  6. HTML export now names the styles by scheme, allowing you to easily combine exported code.
  7. Look in projects for relative file names in the output window.
  8. Look in the current directory for relative file names in the output window.
  9. Added current project path to the tool variables.
  10. New (fairly empty) confirmations options page.
  11. Drag files from explorer onto the projects window.
  12. Upgraded to Scintilla 1.59
  13. Project files now written using Genx.
  14. Project files keep most unknown XML elements between load and save.
  15. Added Duplicate, Copy, Cut and Transpose Line commands.
  16. Added Uppercase/Lowercase
  17. Bjoern Graf tidied the Options dialog plus some others.
  18. Keyboard works in the projects tree (inc. "del" to remove project files).
  19. Options can now be saved to a .ini file instead of the registry.
  20. Middle-click mouse on the document tab to close a document.
  21. Allow specification of default character set (includes Shift-JIS and UTF-8).
  22. Optimised file loading - significantly reduces load time for large files.
  23. Drag and drop in the projects window.
  24. Folders in project window now remain above files.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Empty search on google causes crash (SF Bug #870649).
  2. Change line endings in Save-As dialog doesn't work (SF Bug #885586).
  3. Tools run without capture don't show (SF Bug #896269).
  4. Conflict in shortcut assignment (SF Bug #891208).
  5. Crash if mouse over 'Recent Files'->(empty) (SF Bug #900929).
  6. PN doesn't become active after clicking Output window (SF Bug #760362).
  7. HTML export doubles the '&' (SF Bug #899079).
  8. HTML export leaves open the last span tag (SF Bug #904149).
  9. Fixed HTML export to use full style range (previously stopped at 31).
  10. Dropped files always open new windows (SF Bug #873386).
  11. Deal with all URL encoded chars in output window, not just %20.
  12. Projects window renames too readily.
  13. Auto-indent empty line (SF Bug #879950).
  14. Can't export a file that isn't saved to disk (SF Bug #911381).
  15. Can't bring up project context menus with the keyboard.
  16. Changing full path option doesn't affect open files (SF Bug #871628).
  17. Update status bar when last file closed (SF Bug #514527).
  18. Highlight colors in scheme wrong when choosing defaults (SF Bug #909343).
  19. PN loses focus on closing search dialogs (SF Bug #939917).
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