August 27, 2004

Jim Hugunin on Interactive Python

Jim Hugunin, the inventor of IronPython (Python for .NET) has got a blog and for his first post gives examples of using IronPython as an interactive scripting environment for .NET. I'd never really thought before about just how useful the interactive aspect of the language could be, but it's excellent. This combined with tools like SnippetCompiler from Jeff Key could be incredibly useful in cutting down the time taken to experiment with code.

I downloaded IronPython recently and used it to briefly prototype a piece of code for experimentation purposes, and it's definitely cool. I love the simplicity of Python code, and being able to import all the really cool .NET framework classes and use those with Python code is sweet. Now what we need is for the base Python libraries to be available alongside the .NET framework in one place.

One thing that seems to be missing at the moment is a pycl tool, an actual compiler. I could only find the interactive run-time with the distribution, but hey - it's only an alpha!

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