October 31, 2004

Stuff to do...

A list of things I must remember to do at the moment:

Merge my scintilla changes with the trunk again so that I can update the build used in PN2. Changes are:
* Some pascal lexer changes.
* Change to provide on-paste line-endings conversion.

Project "sanity".

Merge some docking framework bug fixes.

Finish find in files code.

Project settings work (lots of work here).

Continue PN docbook documentation effort.

Finish my MSc thesis.

Move my blog to WordPress or something with better comment-spam prevention techniques. The blacklist is just not enough, and I don't really want to upgrade to MT 3. I think at the same time I'll also move my blog onto untidy.net, my personal web-space. Then I'll feel better about using it to write about general "stuff" as well as PN.

Busy Simon!

Posted by Simon at October 31, 2004 12:42 PM | TrackBack

What's your MSc thesis on? :-)

Posted by Eric at Nov 4, 2004 10:44 PM

Simon, thanks for all the effort you put into the application, I've been using it quite a lot. A few questions.

1. I'd like to get folding working with my php scripts. Can I set this up with an entire scheme for php and not just a style of the hypertext scheme?

2. How is the find in files feature coming along and do you have the specs on how it will work?

Thanks again.


Posted by Dave at Dec 7, 2004 1:50 PM

The find in files feature is under my coding fingers at this very point in time. It will work using the fast boyer-moore string search algorithm and will output find results (initially) to an output window.

There have been a number of requests for a php only scheme supporting better folding. This will happen at some point, but I can't promise when.

Posted by Simon at Dec 7, 2004 8:57 PM

I wouldn't mind putting together a php scheme. I've tried already to model one after some of the other .scheme files but I've been unsuccessful so far...and I couldn't find any documentation so I'm not sure what I'm missing. Could you give me the basics so I could get started?

Posted by Dave at Dec 8, 2004 10:09 PM