September 24, 2003
EnableVisualStyles and ImageList

It would appear that due to a bug in EnableVisualStyles you have to call Application.DoEvents after the call to Application.EnableVisualStyles or your image lists won't work properly any more. Hope this helps someone.

Posted by Simon at 04:53 PM
SharpMT 2.0 Beta 3

Using a new beta of SharpMT today. It's excellent - easily the MT blog tool of choice at the moment. Thanks Randy!

Posted by Simon at 12:32 PM
Mailing Lists

The new web site contains a Mailing Lists page where you can subscribe to the following lists:

  1. pn-discuss - General PN development discussion, PN2 targetted.
  2. pn-announce - Announcements list.
  3. pnotepad-cvs - CVS commit list (as discussed previously)

Subscribe away!

Posted by Simon at 12:30 PM
Microsoft PDC - I'm Going!

Just confirmed that I'll be going to the Microsoft PDC this year - my first visit. I'm really quite excited about it, and looking forward to finding out about all the cool new buzzword technologies. Are you going?

Posted by Simon at 12:23 PM
New web site

I've revamped the web site for Programmers Notepad completely, mainly to include information about PN2, but also to move to a much cleaner implementation. The old website was mostly built with classic HTML - font tags and all. The new web site is all designed using style sheets. It's not "beautiful", but it's an improvement. The best thing is that now it's done with stylesheets the design can be changed much more easily - anyone got any ideas?!

I also replaced all e-mail links with a javascript workaround - not pretty but it will help to reduce my spam load a bit. Most that I get is from addresses on that website. I had started doing this before but it's almost complete now.

The web site is 90% complete. The FAQ is missing and will be re-added, and the list of new articles on the front page is not there yet - I need to wire that back up with CityDesk.

Let me know what you think!

Posted by Simon at 11:35 AM
September 18, 2003
New PN 1 Plugin - block sort

Alex Pierson has contributed a block sort plugin for PN1, it can be downloaded here. Thanks Alex, and sorry it took me so long to get around to sorting this out.

Posted by Simon at 03:26 PM
September 17, 2003
ASP.NET SQL-Server Web Admin Tool

Free ASP.NET service from Microsoft to allow you to administer MSDE and SQL Server databases. Download from here. It's my useful tool of the day.

Posted by Simon at 10:54 AM
September 12, 2003
NUnit Addins

I tried two different add-ins for VS.NET that run NUnit test inside of visual studio. The first is NUnit-Addin by Jamie Cansdale. This installed and just worked, the output from the tests was text format and shown in a "Test" part of the output docker. The only thing I really missed from this tool was being able to see a list of the tests and run individual ones.

The other add-in that I tried was called TestRunner and I found it on This tool claimed to show a nice graphical view of the tests that could be run similar to the NUnit gui. Unfortunately I just couldn't get this add-in to work at all, and it also required a specific reference to its own build of the NUnit assemblies - not something I was happy to do.

NUnit-Addin - Recommended.

Posted by Simon at 03:02 PM
September 01, 2003
Projects and Text clips

I've begun work on the projects implementation and also a text-clips window in the past week or so. Text-clips are very simple and are now 50% complete. Projects are about 2% complete! I know roughly what I'm trying to achieve:

Multiple files per folder (duh!).
Multiple nested folders in each project.
Multiple projects per "solution" or project group.

Then there is project build (or tools) configuration which will hopefully go something along the lines of: Projects in PN2.

It'll take a while to get this right, so bear with me. I'll try and post some screenshots of all these developments when I get a moment. There have been some more find changes by Bjoern Graf too.

Posted by Simon at 03:07 PM