November 20, 2003
Updated Roadmap

I've updated the PN2 roadmap document. The roadmap now covers three versions after the one currently being developed. As per usual, nothing's set in stone.

The 0.5 release is getting really close now with only a few small featurettes to be finished, and a bit more testing to be done. I'm working my way through the bug list fixing those that are sensible for this time-scale.

All these things are being discussed on the mailing list, and you can get your hands on interim builds there too.

Posted by Simon at 03:17 PM
November 03, 2003

A short while ago I uploaded a tool to my web site called XmlSerializerWorkshop. This is a tool for developers who use the XmlSerializer class in the .NET framework. The tool allows you to attempt to serialize lots of different types in any assembly and to see the errors reported by either exceptions or compiler errors when you try to serialize a type. Anyone who's tried to use XmlSerializer extensively will see the advantage in this.

Find XSW (and C# source) here:

Posted by Simon at 04:48 PM
PN 2 Development Update

So, sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been very busy at work, busy working on PN 2 and also busy going to the Microsoft PDC - generally busy. Anyone on the mailing list will know that it's nearing time for the next release and I'm moving quickly (with the help of both contributing coders and the testers) towards the next milestone.

You can look forward to the first issue of project and workspace support, lots of bug fixes, text clips and some other nice features. Want to get in on the action early? Subscribe to the pn-discuss mailing list. I'll be releasing a new build today or tomorrow.

Posted by Simon at 04:11 PM