January 29, 2004

NPerf is an excellent new performance testing framework for .NET code by Jonathan de Halleux. [via CodeProject]

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January 23, 2004

In another of my surprise discovery moments while writing Java code, I found that there are at least two Java IDEs that don't suck. Gel, from GExperts, is a free Java IDE developed using a non-java language (Delphi, I think). This IDE was an absolute pleasure to work with compared to others I've tried. It doesn't have most of the refactoring cleverness of Eclipse or the enormous number of features but it does what it does well, and in a small memory footprint.

The author of Gel is Gerald Nunn. Gerald originally developed the GExperts plug-ins for Delphi which added lots of incredibly useful functionality to the IDE. Gerald is also the author of the original Programmers Notepad project before I took it over when he lost interest. He is clearly a source of great software!

Highly recommended for windows Java programmers: Gel.

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I've been drafted to a different team at work for a couple of weeks to help crank some code for a library due at the end of January. Unfortunately I have to use Java which I'm not the biggest fan of. Previously I've hated any Java IDE I've had to use and have found the whole process less than enjoyable.

Eclipse has come a long way since I last looked at it and is actually really quite usable. I will miss a lot of the coding aids when I go back to C# in VS.NET.

If you're programming Java then eclipse is recommended.

I have also been using the XmlBuddy plug-in which is really quite good too: XmlBuddy. I'd love to implement some of the XML editing features from XmlBuddy in PN some day.

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January 17, 2004
VS.NET Useful WTL Macros

Programmers Notepad 2 is developed using the Windows Template Library which is a library of code that makes working with Windows easier (amongst other things). WTL supports message maps which MFC users will also be aware of - basically a block of macros that direct incoming window messages to multiple handler functions. Working with message maps in WTL can be a bit of a bind as there is less good IDE support and I don't use the message-specific crackers in PN2. Therefore, I use a couple of macros to fill out notification, command and message handler prototypes for me:

Get: WTLMacros.vb which uses CleverStuff.vb to manage Undo state.

I hope someone else finds these macros useful. To try one out, simply type something like:


and then run the MessageHandler macro (if the code is not all in one file, run the MessageHandlerDefinition macro in the header, and the MessageHandler macro in the source file).

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More Python and .NET Intertwining Python for .NET - allows you to use .NET services and components from Python.
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First Donation! My thanks to the first person to donate to Programmers Notepad: Richard Grose. Richard used sourceforge to donate so they get 5% of the donation for the services that they provide. Thanks again.
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January 06, 2004
Python Spidermonkey

It seems John L. Lee has wrapped spidermonkey using Python - allowing python to execute javascript. Fun. For more about spidermonkey see here or here.

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Played with both Python and SWIG at the weekend - surprisingly easy to get working. I had a small c++ project which defined a class "Project". I then manipulated an instance of this class defined in C++ using an embedded python interpreter. Fun. Can't imagine what this could be used for - can you?

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January 05, 2004
Bug List

Finally had a chance to clear down the bug list a bit since the 0.5 release. I currently leave bugs open until a release has been made that fixes the problem. This prevents duplicate submissions which cause more work. By the time a release comes out, however, the product looks quite buggy. It would be great if sourceforge let me filter out fixed bugs in my view. Ah well.

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January 04, 2004
Compare PN1 and PN2 You can use the Programmers Editors Rating Project from Patrick of OnlyTheBestFreeware fame to compare the features of PN1 and PN2. You would be able to use it to compare other editors too only the features have not been entered for most of them. Try it out.
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iTunes Sidekick If you're using iTunes then a recommended add-on is the iTunes sidekick which will allow you to use iTunes as a system-tray icon, set the mini window to always-on-top and also set its transparency. A slight problem is that it is incompatible with the very latest iTunes release but a new version should be out soon according to the website.
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PN2 Version 0.5 "Mingus" released I hope everyone reading this has had a good holiday season - I spent two weeks away from programming and pretty much away from computers in general, which was a pleasant break. The latest version of PN2 has been released for public consumption. You can download it from here, and view the release notes here. Lots of spare money hanging around after Christmas, burning a whole in your pockets? You can donate to the PN project either through sourceforge (and thus give 5% to sourceforge our gracious source hosts) or directly to Simon. Any donations are used to cover the cost of hosting the programmers notepad web-site and any other associated costs. My apologies for such a blatant request for donations.
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