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Coding Guidelines

Here are some work-in-progress guidelines for the C++ used in Programmer's Notepad. Some are not followed across the whole code base, although efforts are being made to improve this.


Public methods are named LikeThis(), private/protected methods likeThis(). Member variables have the m_ prefix, static variables have s_.

Generic WTL UI classes are prefixed with C, like CMySomethingView. All other classes are not prefixed so LikeThis.

Allocation / Smart Pointers

Generally use smart pointers (boost::shared_ptr) where objects are to be passed around, this avoids complicated ownership issues.

Containers / STL Use

Prefer vector<T> for storing flat collections, unless you have a specific performance reason to do otherwise. For associative storage prefer map<K, V> unless your specific case would benefit from hash lookups.