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Updating Scintilla in Mercurial

You need:


In the PN tree you need to update to when the last clean Scintilla import was made, you can find this in the code browser:

hg update --clean [last_clean_revision]

Now swap in the latest scintilla bits:

cd third_party
move scintilla c:\temp\scintilla
move [new_scintilla_bits] scintilla

Now update the tree:

hg addremove scintilla
hg commit -m "Add scintilla release x"

You've now created a new mercurial head revision, but want to switch back to your main one:

hg heads

You'll see a list of heads, pick the real head (usually the revision previous to your scintilla commit) and switch to that:

hg update --clean 9998

Merge in the scintilla change:

  hg merge 9999

Check everything still builds and fix any problems, then commit:

  hg commit -m "Merged scintilla release x"