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Translating Programmer's Notepad

Programmer's Notepad comes with a number of community created translations, and new contributions are welcome! The translations use the standard PO format files, which can be edited by a wide variety of tools. We recommend using Poedit.

Steps to add a new language:

When saving your translation, it should be saved with a name conforming to this format:


The lcid is the decimal language code ID for your language, and langcode is the short ISO representation for the language. Good tables to find these are here: Locale ID Chart on MSDN, LCID Structure

The language will be made available with the next PN release, but will need updating for each new release. Testing releases will not be delayed for language updates, but Stable releases may be.

Converting a PO file to a Language DLL:

This allows you to test your translation with Programmer's Notepad.

Updating the template file

The template file is updated for each translation tools release, but if you wish to do this yourself you'll need to run this command from the translation tools directory:

tools\ResText\ResText extract bin\pnlang.dll translations\pnlang_2057_en-GB.pot

Merging the latest strings from the template to your language

For this to work you'll need the msgmerge tool, I use the one bundled with the PoEdit tool. Here are the steps: