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Install PyPN

Installation instructions for the PyPN extension

Download & extract extension files

The files are available at

Be sure to get the version that matches the Python version you use. Using a wrong version will cause problems. If you have multiple versions of Python installed, running "python" in dos prompt / powershell window will run the default version used by Windows. Observe what version gets started; that is the version you'll need PyPN for.

Extract the files into the PN install directory; typically this is "C:\Program Files\Programmer's Notepad\".

Register the extension

After this, run pn.exe --findexts. That will tell PN to search for extensions and register them.

Note : this will have the effect of adding <extension path="pypn.dll"></extension> to config.xml

If everything went as it should, you can then open the Scripts window from the menu (View -> Windows -> Scripts or just press Alt+F10). Try doubleclicking on scripts and see what happens.