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Backslash Expressions

Backslash Expressions

Backslash Expressions are a simple substitute for Regular Expressions that work in some simple use cases.

Note: Backslash Expressions and Regular Expressions should not be used together, as one will override the other.


Text Replacement
\t Tab
\r Carriage-return (CR)
\n Line-feed (LF), aka unix-style line ending
\r\n CR+LF, aka windows-style line ending


Description Text Search Replace Result
Turn unix-style line endings to windows-style (LF->CRLF) Line 1 ''LF''\ Line2 ''LF'' \n \r\n Line 1 ''CRLF''\ Line 2 ''CRLF''
Replace two blank lines with one (windows-style line endings) Line 1\ \ \ Line 4 \r\n\r\n \r\n Line 1\ Line 4

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