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Text Clips with PyPN

Text Clips with PyPN

As of PN 2.1.5/PyPN 0.12 you can insert python scripts into Text Clips greatly expanding their functionality.

You can insert python scripts in between backquotes/backticks (``).

  `print "hello world"`

inserts the following text: hello world

All stdout output is captured and inserted into the text clip.


Placing highlighted text into an HTML paragraph tag:

Text Clip:


This uses the Variable ''PN_SELECTEDTEXT'' to insert these currently selected text into the current Text Clip, then it uses PyPN's Scintilla::Clear() function to clear the currently selected text.

Replicate the Current Line:

Text Clip:


For this you can set the short cut to something like 'rep' and then at the end of a line type 'rep' and press the autocomplete (ctrl+alt+space by default) and the current line will be repeated.