extensions::IPN Class Reference

Main Interface to PN. More...

#include <extiface.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual unsigned int GetIFaceVersion () const=0
virtual const char * GetVersion () const=0
 Get the version of PN loading the extension.
virtual void AddEventSink (IAppEventSinkPtr sink)=0
 Add an event sink for application events.
virtual void RemoveEventSink (IAppEventSinkPtr sink)=0
 Remove an event sink for application events.
virtual IScriptRegistryGetScriptRegistry ()=0
 Get the script registry for registering built-in scripts.
virtual IOptionsGetOptionsManager ()=0
 Get the PN options manager, use this to load and save extension options.
virtual IDocumentPtr GetCurrentDocument ()=0
 Get the current document.
virtual ITextOutputGetGlobalOutputWindow ()=0
 Get the output window.
virtual HWND GetMainWindow ()=0
 Get the main application window.
virtual ISearchOptionsGetUserSearchOptions ()=0
 Get the users search options.
virtual void FindInFiles (ISearchOptions *options)=0
 Start a find in files operation.
virtual char * InputBox (const char *title, const char *caption)=0
 Get some input from the user.
virtual IDocumentPtr OpenDocument (const char *filepath, const char *scheme)=0
 Open a document.
virtual void ReleaseString (const TCHAR *str)=0
 Utility function to safely free strings given to you by PN.

Detailed Description

Main Interface to PN.

The main PN interface class. This is your interface to PN allowing you access to the options system, script registry and most importantly documents. It also allows you to register for events.

Member Function Documentation

virtual unsigned int extensions::IPN::GetIFaceVersion (  )  const [pure virtual]

Retrieve the version of the interface being used, if this doesn't match you shouldn't do anything.

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