extensions::IScriptRegistry Class Reference

The Script Registry. More...

#include <extiface.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void Add (const char *group, const char *name, const char *scriptref)=0
virtual void RegisterRunner (const char *id, extensions::IScriptRunner *runner)=0
virtual void RemoveRunner (const char *id)=0
virtual extensions::IScriptRunnerGetRunner (const char *id)=0
virtual void EnableSchemeScripts (const char *scheme, const char *runnerId)=0

Detailed Description

The Script Registry.

Interface for the script registry. The script registry maps scripts to runners (

See also:
IScriptRunner) using a unique identifier (e.g. "python", "tcl").

Member Function Documentation

virtual void extensions::IScriptRegistry::Add ( const char *  group,
const char *  name,
const char *  scriptref 
) [pure virtual]

Add a named script to the registry.

group Name of a group to insert the script in
name Friendly name for the script
scriptref Reference for the script, in the form "runnerId:scriptId"

virtual void extensions::IScriptRegistry::RegisterRunner ( const char *  id,
extensions::IScriptRunner runner 
) [pure virtual]

Register a script runner using a unique runner ID

virtual void extensions::IScriptRegistry::RemoveRunner ( const char *  id  )  [pure virtual]

Remove a runner by ID

virtual extensions::IScriptRunner* extensions::IScriptRegistry::GetRunner ( const char *  id  )  [pure virtual]

Get a runner for a given ID

virtual void extensions::IScriptRegistry::EnableSchemeScripts ( const char *  scheme,
const char *  runnerId 
) [pure virtual]

Enable scripts for a given scheme id. The runner id is used by PN to find the right runner to run the script.

e.g. EnableSchemeScripts("python", "python") means that PN allows the user to set python files as scripts at run-time.

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