extensions::ITextOutput Class Reference

Interface to output windows. More...

#include <extiface.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void AddToolOutput (LPCTSTR output, int nLength=-1)=0
 Add some text to the window,.
virtual void SetToolBasePath (LPCTSTR path)=0
 Set the base directory for messages being placed in the output window (for error matching).
virtual void SetToolParser (bool bBuiltIn, LPCTSTR customExpression=NULL)=0
 Set the error parser for the window, optionally specifying a regular expression.
virtual void ClearOutput ()=0
 Clear the output window.
virtual void ShowOutput ()=0
 Show the output window.
virtual void HideOutput ()=0
 Hide the output window.

Detailed Description

Interface to output windows.

Interface implemented by something that can show some text output, like the Output window.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void extensions::ITextOutput::AddToolOutput ( LPCTSTR  output,
int  nLength = -1 
) [pure virtual]

Add some text to the window,.

nLength to use a fixed length or -1 to calculate,
output The text to output

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