extensions Namespace Reference

The PN 2 Extensions Interface. More...


class  IPN
 Main Interface to PN. More...
class  IDocument
 The Document Interface. More...
class  IAppEventSink
 Application Event Interface. More...
class  ITextEditorEventSink
 Text Editor Event Interface. More...
class  IDocumentEventSink
 Document Event Interface. More...
class  IScriptRunner
 Script Runner Interface - for Script Engine Implementors. More...
class  IScriptRegistry
 The Script Registry. More...
class  ITextOutput
 Interface to output windows. More...
class  ISearchOptions
 Interface to search options. More...
class  IOptions
 Options Manager Interface. More...


typedef bool(__stdcall *) pn_ext_init_fn (int iface_version, IPN *pn)
 Plugin Initialisation Function.
typedef void(__stdcall *) pn_ext_exit_fn ()
 Plugin Unload Function.

Detailed Description

The PN 2 Extensions Interface.

To make an extension:

1. Create a DLL using C++ 2. Export functions that look like this:

bool init_pn_extension(int iface_version, IPN* pn);

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(__stdcall *) extensions::pn_ext_exit_fn()

Plugin Unload Function.

Called by PN when it is about to unload your plugin.

typedef bool(__stdcall *) extensions::pn_ext_init_fn(int iface_version, IPN *pn)

Plugin Initialisation Function.

Implement and export a function with this prototype called "init_pn_extension" to have PN recognise your DLL as a plugin and load it successfully.

iface_version The interface version PN was compiled with, if this does not match your version you should return false and refuse to load.
pn The pointer to an IPN instance giving you access to PN to do your stuff!

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