PN 1

Programmer’s Notepad 1 was written in Delphi, and is still available for download for interested and dedicated users! All related items for PN 1 are available below:

Final PN 1 Download
This is the most recent stable release of Programmer’s Notepad 1,
an older version with a built-in hex editor. This is provided
mainly for users who want to stay with the older software.



  • Support for an unlimited (and configurable) number of programming
    languages / file types with syntax highlighting and file-type recognition
    using schemes.
  • Internet Explorer powered preview for HTML documents.

        note: Internet Explorer 4+ required.

  • Mozilla powered preview for HTML documents.
        note: Mozilla ActiveX required.
  • Hot-Switch between Mozilla and IE for previewing – no need to save your document first.
  • Support for opening and saving UNIX file types.
  • Comprehensive HEX editor.
  • No file size limit (large files may load slowly as highlighted text).
  • Automatic indenting.
  • Advanced word-wrapping.
  • High-Quality printing.
  • Advanced bookmark operations.
  • Helper Window Features:
  • Project Manager
  • File Browser
  • Open File view
  • Text-Clip Chooser.
  • Powerful search and replace.
  • Regular expressions support in search and replace.
  • Find in Files. Thanks to GExperts (
  • Quick-Search toolbar.
  • Case change functions.
  • Paste From File.
  • MRU (Most Recently Used) files list.
  • Extendable Tool-Launcher.
  • Support for Schemes-Related external tools.
  • Support for output capture from console-mode applications. (32-bit).
  • Export to HTML and RTF.
  • Support for custom plug-ins.
  • Dockable toolbars, bookmark manager and multi-function helper window.
  • My Folders “helper” toolbar.
  • Combined Multiple and Single Document Interface:
    Allows you to open an unlimited number of files for editing. You may then have
    the best of both worlds by either using multiple windows, or a set of tabs to
    switch between documents.

Last updated for: Version 1.2.

Add-ons for Programmer’s Notepad 1

These are the plugins and schemes available for PN1 that do not come
bundled. There are a large number of schemes included with the
download, including: HTML, C++, Java, JavaScript, Assembler, Pascal,
SQL, Perl, AutoLISP and Visual Basic.


Name Version Released Author Download
Scheme Compiler 1.0 12/11/2000 Simon Steele Click Here
HTML-Help Popup Help Builder 1.0 12/11/2000 Simon Steele Click Here
Block Sort 1.0 18/09/2003 Alex Pierson Click Here


Name Released Author Download
Assembler (Pentium) 09/04/2000 Unknown Click Here
Inno Setup 19/05/2000 CodeGeneration Click Here
Mailtraq 05/01/2000 Simon Steele Click Here
Perl 08/02/2003 Weyert R. de Boer &
Simon Steele
Click Here

PN 1 Development

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Using plugins programmers gain access to the workings of PN, and can adapt it to their own purposes providing functions that Echo Software has not / cannot! Plugins are basically DLLs which Programmer’s Notepad calls at pre-determined times.

The Plugin SDK defines the plugin interface for PN 1. We have successfully developed plugins in both Delphi and Visual C++ using
this interface.

The Plugin SDK


Schemes define the way that languages are highlighted in Programmer’s Notepad.

Version 1 uses TSyntaxMemo, a Delphi component, to provide syntax highlighting. Schemes are defined using TSyntaxMemo syntax scripts. You can download a “Scheme SDK” to help you make these scripts, and a compiler for the scripts which will produce the proper scheme files for you and provide error information.

Scheme SDK
Scheme Compiler Plugin