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PN on Vista PN on XP Autocomplete
PN on Vista Autocomplete in PN 2.0.8
Tags and Scripts Keyboard Options Style Configuration
PN 2.0.7 with Tags and Scripts Panes PN 2.0.7 Keyboard Options Style Configuration
Projects, Find, Output Find in Files Code Templates
PN 2.0.7 Showing Projects PN 2.0.7 Find in Files PN 2.0.8 inserting a Code Template
Save Modified A Dark Theme
Save Modified Files Dialog Dark Theme

Below you can see user-provided screenshots:

User Screenshots:

Screenshots from Kyle Getz showing Perl code

Sam Collett provided this screenshot showing text clips and user-configured tools in PN 2:

PN with Tools and Text Clips

Wayne Dirks provided this screenshot of PN 2 being used for Typesetting with Scripture: