What Users Say

Here’s some user reviews of PN:

Andrew Prindle:

Programmer’s notepad is the best editor I have used for writing code. It is so easy and fast.
I love its search/replace abilities, regular expressions, file/directory searching, and backslash expressions.
It is a powerful tool. The syntax highlighting is gorgeous.
I promote it when I can, because everyone needs a good editor and I don’t believe there are any better editors out there.
I love it, and I would hate to have to work without it!

Rich Boccuzzi:

First, I really like this editor a lot. It is
powerful, but easy to use, with a clean interface. I
hope you continue to add useful features without
adding a lot of clutter.

I just recently decided I need to move from my old
editor (Vim), to a new free general purpose editor. I
checked a lot of editors, but only a couple had some
of the minimum requirements that I wanted, and yours
was the best.

I am surprised it is not more popular, but I think it
will be, given a little more time.


I downloaded and tried Programmer’ s Notepad last night. I created a project and made my list of files. It was so intuitive and easy to use! I am SO GLAD I came across it! The only bad part about it is that I wish I came across it sooner because it is much better than the bought programs I have for doing the same thing!

It’s faster loading, quicker in doing tasks, much more user friendly – the only thing I would change about it is the ability to add a “save all” icon on the tool bar.


Rob Lang:

Programmer’s Notepad is ideal for those who want to code without the automated unnecessaries of larger IDEs. A huge array of file types is supported and I am constantly surprised when I drop an obscure type into the editor to find the keyword colouring system knows what to do and where to apply colouring. When programming in PHP, the system can detect when switching back and forth between HTML and code. From a configuration point of view, I can set up the whole program to work how I want.

With an intuitive plug-in system and open source, I feel that this editor can only go from strength to strength. I have been using it for 5 years and I will certainly continue – I feel it a drag going back to Visual Studio or other bloated IDEs.

Steve Riekeberg:

First, I want to congratulate you on a job well done with Programmer’s Notepad. I’m tried virtually every text editor out there (and I mean every) but nothing else has comes close to PN, and even though it’s still in the development states, PN2 is already awesome!


I would like to add that Programmer’s Notepad has been my favorite toy since I started using it a few years ago. I apologize for not writing sooner to let you know how wonderful of a program I believe you have created. Thank you so much to contributing to the free software movement, I as well as the rest of the geeks out there thank you to no end.

Anonymous on Sourceforge:

Thank you Simon! I love programmer’s notepad 2! It’s making my life… well… less tedious.